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Transmission: 9-Speed Automatic
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City: New Castle
State: DE

I'm interested in: 2020 NISSAN FRONTIER

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Don't buy a Nissan

Devin Withrow on 10/22/2016

Comfort Rating: 3 Performance Rating: 3 Interior Rating: 2 Safety Rating: 3

when it gets to a 100,000 miles be prepared to spend thousands on repairs,was a descent truck and then things just stopped working,power windows stopped working,ac unit had to be replaced,gas gauge stopped working.....now it is mysteriously losing oil ,had valve gaskets replaced did not fix the problem

Gas or no gas???......that is the recall !!

Lowell Crabtree on 08/10/2016

Reliability Rating: 1 Value Rating: 1

Well, I bought a 2006 with 66,500 miles. Test drive started out great but after about 10 miles the gas gauge appeared to be empty an the check engine light came on. I quickly pulled into a gas station and put in $10$. To my surprise the gas gauge indicator showed 3/4 full. On returning the truck the owner he mentioned he had that issue for approximately 3 years. Had heard there might be a recall. Well The next day verified the error code was diagnosed. Found the recall on the internet an contacted local Nissan dealer. Well talk about a run around.....I was informed my truck did not have this recall even though the recall outlined was exactly the problem. I had the recall fixed ($500 out of pocket).....then was informed by the service manager to replace my radiator because the coolant and transmission fluid could leak an cause transmission failure. Bought a new radiator an in the process of replacing. In the very near future my family will out of the Nissan business.....wife drives one now....but it want last long in our driveway. An to think I was about to consider buying the new Nissian Titan Diesel.

It's a good one

Tom on 05/30/2016

Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

What a good truck everybody should own at least one

It's a good one

Tom on 05/30/2016

Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

What a good truck everybody should own at least one

Solid Performer

Dave Mccormack on 05/16/2016

Comfort Rating: 4 Performance Rating: 4 Interior Rating: 4 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 4 Technology Rating: 4 Value Rating: 5

Solid mid sized truck. A few niggling could improve it but they are not substantial issues to ownership. Headlights are poor and road noise could be dampened more.

Hand-me-down first car

Tyler on 03/23/2016

Comfort Rating: 4 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 3 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 1 Value Rating: 4

This car is my very first, and it was my father's since new. He used it to commute 70 miles round trip a day. I currently have just over 178k on it. Overall, this truck has served me really well! It's really quick off the line, and it does require getting used to how touchy the throttle is. I spun the tires quite a bit until I got used to it. The steering inspires you to throw the truck into corners and bends, and it's nicely weighted. As far as the interior goes, it's nothing to write home about. All of the panels are hard to the touch, and I do have a sizable crack in the dashboard. The controls are very easy to get used to, and there is no learning curve at all. The two-tiered glovebox, large center console and storage under the backseat provides plenty of stuff for anything you can think of. The truck is very safe, and I always felt very safe driving it even when there was 6 inches of snow on the road. This truck is pretty bare bones even as the top trim in the technology department, as it lacks bluetooth and any usb or aux ports. The Frontier has been extremely reliable, and there have been no major issues at all. In my 10 mile roundtrip commute in mainly city driving, I'm averaging 11.7 mpg, according to the readout. This is probably the worst part about my truck, as my father's new Ram 1500 averages about 17 mpg with the Hemi V8. Overall, I would recommend the Frontier to anyone who does not care too much about technology and fuel economy.

Great truck

Mike on 10/24/2015

Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 3 Value Rating: 5

Bought new 10 yrs ago, been a reliable an well built truck. I sold this truck and bought another Frontier. This new one is even better! I have had the 2016 Pro 4X Frontier almost a year. It has had no problems at all. I am very glad I bought another Frontier. If I were trading today, the Pro 4X would once again bemu choice. Great performance, looks good, excellent build quality. Still a great truck!

Great truck, BUT...

emg8160 on 08/05/2014

Performance : 4 Comfort : 4 Fuel Economy : 3 Fun To Drive : 4 Interior Design : 3 Exterior Design : 5 Build Quality : 1 Reliability : 1 Comfort Rating: 4 Performance Rating: 4 Interior Rating: 3 Reliability Rating: 1

I bought my '06 Frontier from an individual via Craigslist with 108k miles. I loved it for the 2 months I could drive it. Then, the tranny went out. Come to find out, this is common and Nissan never issued a recall. I found someone local who would install a re-manufactured tranny and new radiator (included all labor and fluids) for $4,000. I have been waiting for over 2 months to get my truck back because their "parts people" from Chicago had originally gotten the wrong parts number for the tranny and are now waiting for a solenoid so they can complete the rebuild... I am now in the position that (if I ever get the truck back) I have more in it than it's worth so I HAVE to drive it now...

Mixed Feelings

kevymckev on 02/02/2013

Performance : 5 Comfort : 2 Fuel Economy : 5 Fun To Drive : 4 Interior Design : 3 Exterior Design : 4 Build Quality : 4 Reliability : 5 Comfort Rating: 2 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 3 Reliability Rating: 5

I have been the sole owner of my 06' SE Frontier since it rolled off the lot in July of 06'. The truck had a great V6 power & solid comfort and excellent affordability.My opinion changes after a serious accident with this truck. The key benefit was how well this truck absorbed a major collision. The truck immediatly lowered and reduced the impact i felt..preventing serious injury on my part. I love this truck for that.I have lost 100 miles to the tank of gas. Pre-Accident i was getting 350 miles per tank. Now i only get a meager 250. The power of my V6 has been reduced drastically.I have also replaced the battery 4 times with this truck. Only 100,000 miles on it.This truck had potential


cghoffpauir on 10/25/2012

Performance : 2 Comfort : 2 Fuel Economy : 1 Fun To Drive : 2 Interior Design : 2 Exterior Design : 2 Build Quality : 1 Reliability : 1 Comfort Rating: 2 Performance Rating: 2 Interior Rating: 2 Reliability Rating: 1

In May of 2012 the radiator failed on this truck and we had it replaced at the cost of $1000.00. My son drove this truck for three months after the radiator repair and then the transmission failed. We had it towed to the dealership and were told that the repair cost was going to be $7,300.00. We did some research and called about six or seven transmission shops in town and found one that could do the repairs for $4,500.00. So we had the truck towed to a new shop. The shop owner is very familiar with the “defect” and knows exactly what to do to repair it.